Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My old Friend

Ok, so to say this blog has been neglected is a MAJOR understatement. Here are my excuses:

Way to busy to keep it up. Two businesses, Two kids, Two blogs. Totally impractical.

Who wants to sit at home and blog? (ha! I'm always on the computer)

I keep forgetting about it.

and the list goes on.

But the truth is: I wasn't dieting. I wasn't trying, and I was gaining, and who wants to share that with the world?

Since then I am on the Sarah "diet". Its essentially a list of rules (and believe me, she is a DRILL SARGENT). I let her make up my rules (with some personal tweaking). Andy and I are both doing it. We have started (drum roll please), running! I know I probably won't make my 4 mile goal by next month, but at least we will have a start. And so far this week I haven't cheated (or I get docked $20.00 from my precious vacation fund), and I have lost around 3 lbs. I know this will slow down, but I am doing this "diet" for the month of August!

Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah!


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